Practice yoga on the ancient steppe of MONGOLIA  Travel and discover country's the most stunning natural pilgrimages on this an intimate group adventures in 2018.

Steppe Yoga is a guided tour that blends yoga, nature, culture, food and adventure to create a truly authentic Mongolian travel experience. Through this unique experience, you will connect with the traditional Nuudlechin (nomad) existence and absorb the soothing qualities of the Mongol lands in a conscious and sustainable manner. You’ll be riding horses and camels, and connecting with new friends around bonfire lit nights under the Mongolian sky and then waking up to the beauty of one of the worlds final frontiers*. If this sounds like the trip for you, please get in touch. The Steppe Yoga team is excited about taking you to discover the magic of Mongolia…


Thank you so much for organizing my trip. We had a lots of memorable time in Mongolia and i think about my trip to Mongolia so often; I really have to tell you that it changed me in deep ways. I still believe I have never been in a more beautiful place.

Hae Jung

A well organized tour , that is also a lot of fun , with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide Selenge

, Northern Mongolia Tour 2016

Harley Dallafiore

I lost my luggage but gained so much perspective, reconnecting to Mother Nature and myself. I already can not wait to go back! I am in love with Mongolia.

Northern Mongolia Tour 2016

Alexia Parenzee

Absolutely stunning and fabulous!

I went on a very adventurous horse riding trip with Selenge. She is a great native tour guide and also became a very special friend to me. Would love to do more trips with her in this amazing country.

Horse Riding Tour 2016

Sophie Unternahrer

A journey and holiday that will remain with me for the rest of my life. An eternal landscape where the culture and magic of the country is absolutely amazing! Steppe Yoga provided the adventure that I thought was only a fantasy. Thanks Selenge for being a fantastic guide and yoga teacher. Enabling an experience of nature, spirit, amazing sights, animals, hospitality, people, music, language, camping, ghers and fun!

Northern Mongolia Tour 2016

Adam Breman