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About Mongolia

Mongolia is renowned for its fascinating history and often coined for its tales of Genghis Khan. This enchanting country is located between Russia and China. Its distinct natural beauty is evident in the endless steppe, lush forest, mesmerising desert, snow caped mountains and freshwater lakes spread across its twenty one provinces. 
Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world that has preserved its ancient culture and this is evident in the twenty ethnic groups that reside all over the country. The majority of land is still owned by the government which means there are no private properties or fences after you leave the city. Once you enter the countryside you are free to explore and camp anywhere you please.

The population of Mongolia is just over three million. One million of these residents are located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and live in smaller spaces like apartment blocks and ger districts (suburbs). The country's gateway airport, train hub, cultural and arts center, and government bodies are located in Ulaanbaatar. 
Nomads can be seen in the outer suburbs but the real nomads dwell in the countryside where we will spend most of our time on the tour. 

Mongolia experiences hot and long summers (June to Sep) and extreme cold winters (Dec to Feb). Summer temperatures vary anywhere between twenty five and thirty five degrees Celsius, while Winter temperatures have been recorded as plummeting below minus forty degrees Celsius.

About Founder of SteppeYoga Tours

My name is Selenge Baatartsogt (on the left is my lovely grandmother). I was born in a small town called Khuder in the north east of Mongolia. I grew up in the countryside chasing horses, playing outdoors and picking wild berries and hence began my love affair with nature. After I moved to Ulaanbaatar city, I began working as a tour guide and later as a tour organiser and manager where I had the chance visit 15 provinces. Working in tourism gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of Mongolia but most importantly, I began to better understand and appreciate my own country.

I moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and this beautiful country provided me with many challenges. During this time, I discovered yoga a practice that I have fallen in love with and has helped me through many difficult times. The passion that I feel for yoga led me to embark on teacher training in Indonesia and India and from there I created the Steppe Yoga Tour that I ran for the first time in Mongolia in 2014. My aim is to share my passion for yoga in the wonderland of Mongolia, one of the most spiritual place I know. The main idea of the tour is move slow immerse yourself foreign places. Steppe yoga is an authentic Mongolian journey that allows you to learn about Mongolia’s history and culture whilst practicing yoga, riding horses, camping, having fun, and learn from each other. Steppe Yoga tours all about unity, inclusiveness, creating safe space for people come together feeling of growth and expansion and support no matter where they come from.

If this sounds like the trip for you, please get in touch. I am happy an proud to share this special place with you.

Love, Selenge

A Nomadic Lifestyle

Mongolians has been living in nomadic lifestyle hundreds of years. They normally have cow, yak, goats, sheep, camel and horses. Families travel season to season, living in ‘gers’. A ger (pronounced ‘gear’) is circular hut, roughly 6x6 metre radius which includes the fire place, a stove on top - serving as the kitchen- and a sink for the family bedroom. Picture sweeping mountain ranges, open grass plaines segwaying into pined forests and flower fields, and in-between it all, are little white gers sprinkled across the landscape. Life in the day of a nomad is simple. Children chop wood and help around the house and then play outside, the men herd cattle out in the open fields and the women cook and look after the family. At night, everyone sleeps under the same roof in the family room. It is apparent that the nomadic people have an intense connection to their family, to their animals and to their land.
Steppe yoga tour is offering you changing camping spots everyday like a modern nomad, look for better yoga grasslands, seek a better flexibility, posture and simply just be there with so much joy experience travelling and discovering new culture for yourself?

Top 10 Places To Discover

When you think about Mongolia, it’s about experiencing all nature and culture. Here is the top natural sites you should see:

1. Gobi Desert
2. Khusvgul Lake
3. Erdene zuu Monastery Kharkhorin City

4. Orkhon Waterfall
5. Tsenkher Hot Spring
6. Taiga, Reindeer People
7. Bayan ulgii Eagle Hunters 

8. 8 Lakes Horse Riding Journey
9. Terelj National Park

10. Uureg Lake

Horse rider in Mongolia