How to get MONGOLIA very cheap

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kazak girl in western Mongolia

This all information based on my experiences and information I have collected tried to put in my source. so keep in mind this is not official prices and things like that. Prices may vary different depending on the situation also who are dealing with really. Things work their own funny system here.

Mongolia is really not cheap place to travel there are few companies flying not many compittion, travel ling you need fixed tour. Budget tours give water and nothing. And d have to be find midrange good one.
1. Cheapest way : Beijing – Ereen- Ulaanbaatar step by step process
this is people who does not wanna purchase expensive transiberan train or fly over there which gets its high rate during summer reason (june-sep)
1. Taxi ride to station
1. Beijing mixian station ticket 180 CNY
2. Sleeping bus to Erlan hot (Chinese)or Ereen hot(Mongolian)
3. Stops
4. Taxi to SHINE ZEEL for 10CNY
5. Jeep crossing (mafia, corruption) 80CNY
6. China border crossing
7. Mongolia border crossing
8. Zamiin ude (Zamiin Ude- Mongolia border town – its development compare to Zamiin ude town development
)By train -6pm ticket prices:
By care- uncertain Mongolian time 60.000 MNT
2. Flight Beijing to Erlain hot (save10- 12 bus ride)
1. China southern airline. Unless you speak Chinese it hard to book the ticket on their official website so
2. You can follow previeous overall 1’s step follow 4-9 and get to UB you don’t wanna deal that continue reading
3. Option is depending on a day you can take train from Erlain to UB which saves your horrendix border crossing procedure. Same UB erlan ticket approximely this price
3. Beijing to Ulaanbaatar by Transiberian train
contact this agency to cheap ticket …. Days goes to Ulaanbaatar. Smart to booked beforehead.
Dates Beijing to UB
rate hard sleeper
soft sleeper
Lux sleeper
4. Beijing to Ulaanbaatar flights
– Mongolian airline (MIAT) sometime its cheaper buy it from Mongolia. Do a international call ask ticketing agencies like Airmarket, airtrans or Mongolian airline themselves.
– Air China
ATTENTION: Mongolian border in Zamiin ude closed during 11-15th July in 2014 during national Naadam festival, it’s not more likely closes some other public holidays like Tsagaan sar which is lunar new year in end of January mostly.