Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is open to new wild adventures, new culture, deeper self discovery and appreciation for mother Nature. This tour offers you an experience into the Mongolian culture in a conscious and sustainable manner. You will meet lots of local Mongolians so it is perfect opportunity to make friends and learn about their lifestyle. 
It is NOT going to be an easy and comfortable trip – it's an adventure! Mongolia is still a 3rd world country and we have some challenges like bumpy roads, occasional delayed services, no showers and generally somedays things will not run as intended – but keep in mind adventure is also what travel is all about!

However if you can overcome occasional changes and keep an open mind, in exchange, you will witness the most pristine nature, meet the most hospitable people and simply gain once in a lifetime memories that only comes from a journey like this!
Good things come in small packages, which is why we keep our group sizes down. This means we’re small enough to remain flexible as we thread our way through communities without intimidating the locals. Our group sizes are on average 7 to 10 people.
Mongolian open steppe is one of the best places for yoga. Here you can practice a deep connection with self while witnessing Mongolia’s natural beauty and nomadic culture. Seeing grazing livestock, women milking cows, and men galloping horses on the wide open grasslands can be truly exhilarating. So why not roll out a mat wherever you want and practice some yoga in breathtaking scenery! I guarantee it’ll make you feel more alive and grounded.
Mongolians love meat and dairy products – mutton for summer and beef for winter is very common. Most of the meat and diary is straight from the farm, so it’s very healthy and usually organic. While not all fruit and vegetables are available everywhere in the country, because of tourism, and a growing awareness in healthy diets have led to a greater range of foods available. Nowadays Ulaanbaatar has plenty of choices for food and we can cater for whatever your dietary requirements are.
Healthy vegetarian dishes are normally served throughout the trip, however people with very specific dietary requirements may find it difficult to travel (maybe contact in advance to check if dietary restrictions are possible) Drinks wise – vodka and fermented mares milk is popular in Mongolia and we’ll be sampling both on our travels.
A unique memorable adventure, connection with deeper self and nature and ancient culture , A calmer mind, A healthier body and soul, and surely a happier heart. 
All you have to do is embrace the culture, the differences and similarities and most importantly, enjoy yourself!
We provide comfortable, clean and centrally located 3 to 4 star hotels (twin share).

If you would like to upgrade please check the availability with us. If you need help booking before and after the tour, please let us know. There is a wide range of places to stay in the capital city ranging from 50- 200 USD per night. During July, accommodation tends to book out early and prices are often higher. 
We will be using 3 different kinds of accommodation during the tour. Mongolia is still 3rd world country, so please do not expect a luxury service.

Tourist ger camp:  A ger (pronounced gair) is a traditional style of hotel in the country. Ger camps usually consist of 20-40 comfortable Gers (traditional felt home) each has 2-4 beds. They often have Ger restaurant and souvenir shop or some entertainment space. Most camps are equipped with toilets and shower facilities.

Guest ger: Guest ger camps are more basic than Ger camps. Normally there are 2-10 gers and are operated by nomads who are used to serving tourists for many years. Facilities are usually basic. They may have a shower and modern toilet facilities but sometimes this is not the case. However, it is a great way to support local small businesses and sustainability.

Camping:  This is one of the best ways to explore Mongolia as you can camp anywhere you want. Our drivers have experienced finding the most stunning locations. There are no toilets or showers available during camping.
Mongolia is a safe place to travel but like any country, it's best to always be conscious of your surroundings. Petty crimes like pick-pocketing may occur, however the country is low on violent crime.
in Ulaanbaatar City Wifi access is available the most small restaurants and cafes. However speed will vary. There is no wifi accessibility in during country travel, therefore if you need to be connected whilst travelling consider getting a local sim card.
Prepaid Sim cards can be bought at the Central post office and State Departments store around Sukhbaatar (central) square. There are the operators such as Mobicom. Skytel, G- Mobile, Unitel you can choose from. We will get reception from the most provincial small village centres. When you are out in the country side, you will need to go to a higher area, and in most cases you will get reception. However please note that internet service is not guaranteed. Bring a phone that is unlocked and open to use a local SIM. Some phones are restricted and you will be better off with a GSM enabled phone.
Yes, but not everyday. Some days we are camping out in wild. Some days we are staying with nomad families where they have limited power. They normally use solar panel. I recommend you purchase a solar light which you can use as light and charge your basic electronics. When we stay in the tourist camps we will able to charge electronics no problem.
Once you are in Mongolia most your expense are covered except your Ulaanbaatar city meals. You would need extra money if you like to more activities other than specified in the itinerary. It is good to spare some money for shopping, restaurants, favourite snacks and treats for yourself. Therefore we recommend you take between 500-1000AUD.
It's a good idea to bring some small gifts from Australia or from the city in Mongolia for when you visit the nomadic areas. Families often have kids, so its nice to share small gifts with them. As American and European tourists are popular there, tipping is expected especially with smaller services where people may not receive a high wage. However it is optional, you can tip the people who help you to ride horses, your driver and assistant guide, for example.
Mongolian currency called Tugrug. There are ATMs in UB so that’s a convenient way to get cash. Surprisingly you can spend US dollars in some places such as souvenir shops and restaurants. Tellers at most banks can give up to USD500 per day cash advance on MasterCard and Visa. ATM’s do apply withdrawal fee which can be expensive. It's a good idea to figure out which of your ATM & credit cards charge cheaper international withdrawal fees, such as Mongolia. Many shops take credit cards, but some establishments run strictly on cash (so be prepared for both?). Note that most credit card companies will pass on the 3% “foreign currency conversion fee” to you.

Currency exchange centres are easy to find in UB, however USD is more common than AUD. Some money exchange centres won't change AUD to Mongolian tugrugs (Mongolian currency). 
In Mongolia you can expect the 2 pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe. Whether you are staying in a hotel you should be able to get an adapter if you ask for one. The pins are round, not flat or rectangular used in many places in the world – Europe & Asia.
During the trip we will mainly use nature toilet. Tourist camp has nice flash toilet, however nomad family and camping we may have to use nature toilet.
Depending on which trip you have booked it may vary. For example with the Nothern Monoglia and Shaman tour, there we will small town shops where we can stock up water, small travel snacks and food. However in the Gobi desert tour you will not able to do that everyday. Your host however, will be make sure you will be well provided what you need.
A shower will most likely be available once in every 2 or 3 days. sometimes we camp near a river where you can shower, but you can't use soup inside the river. We will have a camping shower facility you may use everyday, however from the experience travellers get used to showering less while in nature. And consuming less water really makes us rethink our everyday life back in the western world – do we really need 2 showers a day?
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