Mongolian Desert Dwellers

Mongolian Desert Dwellers yoga tour

3 – 20 AUG, 2018

Imagine a country that’s like a National Park, where you can camp anywhere you want and visit anyone you choose. This is Mongolia. Come and experience the beauty of my homeland. Its stunning vistas, singing sand dunes, endless grasslands, breathtaking red cliffs, waterfalls, ancient monasteries and mesmerizing landscapes. On the Mongolian Desert Dwellers journey, you will not only get to witness the beauty of Gobi and Central Mongolian nature, you will ride on horses and camels, visit nomadic families and experience life as a Mongol.

18 Day Yoga & Adventure Tour

You will also nourish your body and your mind with a daily yoga and meditation practice. Through this transformational journey, you will return home with unforgettable memories, inner peace, and with a lasting connection to nature and yourself. Nothing can beat experiencing it! If you want an adventure that goes far beyond what most tourist experiences can offer, this is the tour for you!

Sounds incredible, right? Let me guide you through my home country to experience this unique journey. With me, something magical awaits you every day!


Whatever comes up in this journey, you will be held, guided and given the opportunity to open up and be your authentic self! Letting go, laughing, rediscovering your truth, connecting to your inner child, dancing under the moonlight and releasing any shame or fears will be welcomed in this journey.
Selenge will invite you to ‘Re-Wild yourself’ release the energy and expectations of the city, and replace it with your connection to the earth. You will have the space and opportunity to re-birth your spirit and allow what emerges to flow freely into the elements around you. Selenge will guide you into stepping into your most empowered self by sharing her daily rituals and practice.
This experience will be hugely transformative and enjoyable! The Mongolian nature and culture offers something exquisite and totally unique to anything else.



  • Practice yoga asana everyday in nature, giving you peace and vitality
  • Learn yoga asana, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, giving you the tools to take them home and create a sustainable lifelong practice
  • Participate in evening interactive self-development workshops on the philosophy of yoga, resilience in a harsh environment, yogic breath…etc.
  • Meet nomads, learn about their life, play traditional games with the locals and party with them.
  • Ride camels on the Gobi Desert, and visit waterfalls on horseback.
  • Participate in unique culinary experiences such as Khorkhog (Mongolian BBQ), fermented mare’s milk, dried curd, and Mongolian cheese. (The remaining meals on the tour will be mostly vegetarian.)
  • Immerse yourself into the history and culture of this unknown wonderland
  • Attend Mongolia’s traditional festival, Naadam, in a small village (circumstances permitting)
  • Gather around the bonfire and exchange stories with your friendly fellow travellers.
  • Join in our evening interactive self-development workshops.


Welcome to Mongolia!
This is the official first day of the tour. We pick you up from your hotel at 10 am and take you on a tour of Ulaanbaatar city. Let’s explore UB (Ulaanbaatar) - our first stop is a department store, Ikh Delguur, where you can get money exchanged, buy toiletries and a SIM card, or relax at one of the metropolitan cafes. Next, you will visit the Gandan monastery (the largest in Ulaanbaatar), the National Museum of Mongolia, and the Chinggis Khan Main Square. In the evening, you can join our welcoming dinner at a traditional Mongolian restaurant and get to know your host and your fellow travelers. ***We recommend that you arrive at least one day before the tour. We offer FREE transportation between the airport and your hotel.

Overnight in 3-star hotel (B)

Early morning we will fly to the city of Dalanzadgad, in the Southgobi province. Once we get to the Dalanzadgad city airport, we will drive only 50km to our tourist ger camp, where we will be staying next 2 nights. We will have an opportunity to practice evening restorative yoga and give the body some relaxation after a long day. In the evening, we will have our official opening ceremony! The Gobi sunset is magnificent. Gobi mornings tend to be quite hot; we may do evening yoga pranayama, meditation practices. On the second day, we will hike through the beautiful Vulture Valley (Yoliin Am) in Gurvan Saikhan Uul National Park. The valley is approximately 10km long with high cliff walls that provide shelter from the sun. On this trek, you will soak your feet in a creek and hike along the shady cliffs. It is one of the best days in Gobi desert. We may spot rare animals such as a Siberian Ibex, snow leopard, Mongolian argali wild sheep or a bearded vulture. This is a good chance to see Gobi mountains and valleys, and we will stay in the shade as we explore this area.

Overnight in tourist ger camp (B/ L/D)

After nourishing yoga and breakfast, we will set off to the magnificent Khongoryn sand dunes where you will ride camels and hike along the Khongor sand dunes. The following day is a free day to embark on some sightseeing. We recommend that you walk around the Khongor sand dune and explore the area. Afterward, we’ll visit a camel breeding family and learn about their nomadic lifestyle. There is something extremely special about this place. You will witness all the natural phenomena - sand dunes and open plain steppe land surrounded by three rocky Saihan mountains. It is truly breathtaking. These two days in the sand dunes will give you plenty of time to become inspired by the beautiful Gobi landscape. Gobi is a photographer’s dream; you will witness the most beautiful sunsets you may ever see. Also there is nothing like being in the desert looking up to millions of stars. In the evening “What’s Yoga?” workshop by Selenge.

3 Overnight in tourist ger camp (B/ L/D)

After our morning routine, we’ll drive to Bayanzag for some sightseeing, and then walk to the flaming cliffs and Sakhal forest and sand dunes. From Khongor to Bayanzag is probably the toughest road conditions we will encounter. However, once you see and feel the energy of Bayanzag area, it will all be worth it. Bayanzag is an area of red cliffs that formed from the erosion of sand and rock over many thousands of years. It is also the site of several successful dinosaur excavations. Evening interactive workshop and circle lead by Selenge.

Overnight in tourist ger camp (B/ L/D)

Today, we will drive to the small town of Saikhan-Ovoo, in the Middle Gobi province. We will visit the monastery at Ongiin Khiid, located on the Ongi river approximately 18kms from Saikhan-Ovoo. Formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia, it was founded in 1660 and consisted of two temple complexes on the North and South of the Ongi river.

Overnight in tourist ger camp (B/ L/D)

Today, we will leave the Gobi Desert and enter Central Mongolia where you will notice a significant difference in the landscape. Central Mongolia offers you enriching rivers, forests and rolling hills. We will get a chance to do shopping, to stock up on food for the next few days’ journey. This Central Mongolian small town is closer to a commercial road and main cities, so you will notice differences between Gobi regions. In Central Mongolia, they offer more variety of food and other products.

Camping in steppe near Hujurt river.
After a beautiful nourishing yoga session, we will drive to the Orkhon waterfall; the biggest in Mongolia. The amount of water present will be dependent on recent rainfall. The Orkhon waterfall area is probably the best place to observe the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and have the opportunity to learn more about these people. We will visit a nomad family, where you will have a chance to ask many questions about their daily life. On the second day, we will engage in horse riding and will embark on a beautiful mountain hike.

Stay overnight nomad family guest ger. (B/L/D)

After our morning routine, we will drive to Kharkhorin, where the Mongol Empire was once governed. Located at the crossroads of The Silk Road, this ancient city was founded by Chinggis (Genghis) Khaan in 1220. Also in Kharkhorin, we’ll visit the impressive Erdene-zuu monastery. This Monastery was built in 1586 and is surrounded by a massive 400m x 400m stupa walls. Not a single nail was used in the construction of the ornate temples; it is one of the few in the world that remains standing after the communist purges.

Overnight in tourist ger camp (B/ L/D)

Today we will drive to Elsen Tasarhai (Mini Gobi sand dunes). Elsen Tasarhai has stunning scenery and this is a perfect way to experience this fascinating authentic Mongolian culture. You will witness 80km long streets of sand dunes, and a desert that contains small pieces of forest in the midst of wide open green steppes. This area is surrounded by the sacred mountain range Khogno Khan. You will love our host family and your little ger home. You will get plenty of chances to interact with your nomad host and socialize and have fun! We will have an opportunity to enjoy our evening goodbye circle in our closing ceremony!

Overnight in a Mongolian traditional ger home (B/L/D)
After our last yoga, meditation, and breakfast session, we will head back to civilization in Ulaanbaatar city and gather for a group farewell dinner. Before or after the dinner, we will enjoy spectacular traditional Dance & Music Performances where you will have the chance to be enchanted by sounds of Huumii throat singing and Morin huuri (horse fiddle).

Overnight hotel in Ulaanbaatar (B/L)
This is a free day. Steppe Yoga can help you organize your shopping visits, museum tours, and your taxi ride back to the airport. We hope you loved your time in Mongolia and look forward to seeing you next time!

Note: Pre and post tour accommodation and tour arrangements are available.
***Tour itinerary subject to change


Tour group

Tour group: between 4-12 people

Tour price

3780 AUD per person
2980 USD per person
2470 EUR per person

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What's Included?

Tour Prices Include:

Transportation to your hotel.
Ulaanbaatar city tour
Domestic flight to Southgobi DLN
Daily yoga, pranayama, meditation and interactive workshops
1-hour camel riding excursion
1 day horseback riding excursion
Horse riding guides
Tour assistant guide & tour chief
Camping gears, Camping in a tent (SINGLE person tent provided)
2 nights in a 3-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar (twin share)
All accommodation in the countryside (twin or four people share ger)
National Parks/ Museum/ temples entrance fees
Driver and all ground transportation for the tour
All meals as specified – Meal codes = (B, L, and D): breakfast, lunch, and dinner
drinking water
Traditional song and dance ensemble performance entry
Visa support documentation (if needed)

Tour Price Does Not Include:

International train and flights
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages, snack