Sacred Mountain Adventure yoga tour

Sacred Mountain Adventure Yoga Tour

11 - 27JULY, 2018

Explore the breath-taking, snow-capped Altai Mountains. Scale picturesque glaciers, marvel at ancient rock paintings and soak in endless grasslands, vistas and lakes on horseback. Immerse yourself in this sacred mountain, and one of the worlds the most fascinating nomadic cultures while you still can. No photos, documentaries or books can beat experiencing the real Mongolia. If you want a real adventure off the beaten track, this is the journey for you!

17 Day Yoga & Adventure Tour

Join us as we horseback ride towards Mongolia’s highest mountain, with camels carrying our gear. You will see eagles, so revered in Mongolian culture for their vision, wisdom and strength. Get up close and hold these eagles, watch them soar through the mountains and open plains and be awestruck by their ability to reach incredible heights. Be welcomed into the home of a Kazak family, share dinner with them, laugh and play games and take this rare opportunity to learn about their culture.
The last few days of the tour you will visit stunning Terelj National park, only 70km away from Ulaanbaatar city to reflect upon and integrate your wild western Mongolia adventure.
Nourish your body and mind with daily yoga and meditation practice in nature’s breathtaking yoga studio, the Steppe lands. Through this transformational journey you will return home with unforgettable memories, inner peace, greater resilience and a lasting connection with nature and yourself.


Whatever comes up in this journey, you will be held, guided and given the opportunity to open up and be your authentic self! Letting go, laughing, rediscovering your truth, connecting to your inner child, dancing under the moonlight and releasing any shame or fears will be welcomed in this journey.
Selenge will invite you to ‘Re-Wild yourself’  release the energy and expectations of the city, and replace it with your connection to the earth. You will have the space and opportunity to re-birth your spirit and allow what emerges to flow freely into the elements around you. Selenge will guide you into stepping into your most empowered self by sharing her daily rituals and practice.
This experience will be hugely transformative and enjoyable! The Mongolian nature and culture offers something exquisite and totally unique to anything else.



  • Practice yoga asana everyday in nature to bring you peace and vitality
  • Learn yoga asana, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, giving you the tools to take them home and create a sustainable lifelong practice
  • Participate in evening interactive self-development workshops on the philosophy of yoga, resilience in a harsh environment, yogic breath…etc.
  • Trek and hike in Mongolia’s highest mountain
  • Meet Kazak and Khalkh nomads, learn about their life, play traditional games with the locals and party with them.
  • Load our gear on camels like the nomadic locals and trek towards the Tavan Bogd mountain
  • Participate in unique culinary experiences such as Khorkhog (Mongolian BBQ), fermented mare’s milk, dried curd, and Mongolian cheese.
  • See and hold eagles
  • Witness a throat singer performance.
  • Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this unknown wonderland
  • Attend Mongolia’s traditional festival, Naadam, in a small village (circumstances permitting)
  • Participate in a Tuvan Shamanic ceremony (circumstances permitting)
  • Gather around the bonfire and exchange stories with your friendly fellow travellers
  • Camp by alpine lakes and a glacier
  • Find petroglyphs and Turkic stones


Welcome to Mongolia! This is the official first day of the tour. We pick you up from your hotel at 10 am and take you on a tour of Ulaanbaatar city. Let’s explore UB (Ulaanbaatar) - our first stop is a department store, Ikh Delguur where you can get money exchanged, buy toiletries and a SIM card, or relax at one of the metropolitan cafes. Next, you will visit the Gandan Monastery (the largest in Ulaanbaatar), the National Museum of Mongolia, and the Chinggis Khan Main Square. In the evening, join our welcome dinner at a traditional Mongolian restaurant and get to know your host and fellow travellers. Activities: Ulaanbaatar city sightseeing ***We recommend that you arrive at least one day before the tour. We offer FREE transportation between the airport and your hotel.

Overnight in 3-star hotel (B)

Meet in the UB hotel and fly to Ulgii, the capital of the Bayan-Ulgii Province. On arrival our local driver will take us to our ger (yurt) camp (12km) but before we head off we will get a chance to see Ulgii town. In Ulgii town there are many signs written in Arabic as well as handcrafts, architecture and mosques similar to those in Central Asia. Depending on our schedule, we might visit a museum where we will learn about about the Kazak Mongolian minority. In the evening, we will have our official opening ceremony! Did you know? Mongolia has great deal of diversity. In Mongolia today there are 19 different branches of Mongol people. Most of the Mongol minority groups, and even many Khalkh people, Khalkha or Halh, are the dominant ethnic group of Mongolia at roughly 82% of the total population. The other 18 Mongol ethnic groups of Mongolia are dispersed widely across the nation like Kazak, Tuva and other distinct and minority groups in western Mongolia
Activities and km:
Flight to Ulgii town, 4 hours, museum, Evening yoga and Opening ceremony.

Overnight in a ger camp (B/L/D)
We start our day with Morning yoga (yoga asana, pranayama and meditation). After our body and mind are well nourished through yoga, we head out on our wild west drive. Once past Tsengel village we will not see towns and villages for a few days. The Shiveet Khairhan sacred mountain area is home for the Tuva (one of smallest ethnic groups in Mongolia) nomadic people as also this area you can find biggest petrolgyphs and stone monuments from the period of the Huns (approx 200 B.C.). The Huns were the reason the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi built the Great Wall of China. Also, if you are lucky, you might see an ibex (a native wild sheep). After that we take a two day horse riding trip!
Activities and km:
Yoga practice, 200 km driving, rock painting, Khorhog dinner made by Tuvan family.

Overnight in Tuva family extra guest ger (B/L/D)
We start our morning with a yoga practice with magnificent mountain views before we pack our horses for horse trekking. Our luggage will be transferred to camels and we start our horse trek along the Tsagaan (white) river to the Potanine glacier. Tsagaan gol is a unique river and is named for the milky white waters that flow from glaciers during the summer melt. Our three hour horse riding journey will bring us to the Potanine glacier, 2900 metres above sea level in the center of the park. There we will have a free afternoon to relax and soak in the Mongolian wilderness!
Activities and km:
yoga, horse riding (3hr, 4km), Evening workshop, camping

Overnight in camping (B/L/D)
Today is an exciting day as we will trek up to Malchin Peak of the Tavan Bogd Sacred Mountain. Early morning yoga and back on the horses for an hour to reach mountain pass where we will leave the horses and start trekking on foot. Walking along glaciers is stunning; you can play in snow that stays all year around and witness some breathtaking views of the valley and the snow-covered Tavan Bogd sacred mountains. Khuiten (4374m) is the highest peak of five mountain chains while other 4 peaks are Nairamdal, Ölgii, Burged and Machin. Here we begin the climbing of Malchin. (4037m) peak, which will take about 3 to 4 hours one way From the top of the peak the views are priceless, extending to neighboring mountains in the Russian Altai mountains and China and also pearl blue mountain lakes. We will trek back to our horses to ride back to camp. Day 6 – A Full day of rest and relaxation. We will have a long and nourishing yoga session.
Activities and km:
yoga, horse riding, trekking to Malchin peak (4037m), relax, workshop/group circle.

Overnight in camping (B/L/D)
After early morning yoga we will load our luggage onto camels and ride by horse back to our Tuva family and meet our driver. He will then drive us to Biluut Togloi valley where we will we camp near gorgeous Khoton lake. The tree filled lakeshore makes it perfect for camping, but mozzies might be problem. This area is great place to see herds of goats and yaks peacefully grazing. The neighbouring Khurgan Lake (20km away) is a dream landmark for fishermen.
Activities and km:
yoga, horse ride to Tuva family, drive (200km) to Khoton lake, Lake view camping.

Overnight in camping (B/L/D)
Morning yoga first then we start our drive to Turgen Waterfall. After crossing a rustic wooden bridge we come to the military barracks of the Chinese border passport control. After lunch in a beautiful valley we will hike 3 km to the Turgen mountain range and reach gorgeous Baga Turgen (37m) waterfall where you can swim and enjoy the delightful waterfalls and landscape.
Activities and km:
140 km drive, Yoga, swim & play (Please note: With western Mongolian road conditions 140 km can take up to four or five hours driving)

Overnight in camping (B/L/D)
After our morning yoga and meditation, we will visit an eagle hunter’s family and get acquainted with the rich Kazak culture, history and lifestyle. The Kazaks are a Turkic people ethnically tied to the Uighur people of western China and Mongolians. Their yurts are very different from Khalh Mongolian yurts as they are larger and decorated with embroidered colourful hangings, canopies and curtains over the beds.
Activity and km:
yoga, 140 km drive, Eagle hunter family experience and dinner 

Overnight in a Kazak family with Eagle (B/L/D)
After our morning practice, the Kazak family will show us how they train their eagles to hunt and you will also be able to hold this high spirit bird. In Mongolian Kazak culture the eagle symbolizes strength, freedom and vision for the Mongolian people. After our unique encounter with the eagles, we then drive to Dayan Lake where you can relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of the lakeshore and its surroundings. On the way to lake will get a chance to stop by and see some human statues and stone men which represent thousands of years of ancient tribal history. This will be our last full day in western Mongolian wilderness camping!
Activity and km:
Eagle hunting small show, drive 70 km, stone statue with human shape, evening workshop 

Overnight in camping (B/L/D) 

Overnight in a small wooden house or tent. (B/L/D)
After our morning practice by Dayan River, we drive towards Ulgii town direction where we will stay at Tsengel Khairkhan Sacred Mountain area to stay in a Kazak family’s extra Ger.
Activity and km:
100km driving, Kazak family play games and socialize 

Overnight in a Kazakh family with Eagle (B/L/D)
After eleven wonderful days of trekking, horse riding, driving and journeying together through this majestic part of the world, it is time to head back to civilization via Ulgii town. On the way we will visit a little an Islamic temple in a small town. Once we are in Ulgii town we may have a chance to do some souvenir shopping. In the evening we will witness a Kazak Family concert, including dumber traditional instruments, Kazakh songs and dance.
Activity and km:
appox 100km Kazakh Family concert

Overnight in a tourist camp (B/L/D)
This morning we will hold a ritual giving gratitude to the land and then transfer to the airport and fly back to Ulaanbaatar. You will arrive UB midday and rest at the hotel .

Overnight in Hotel (B/L)
In the morning we drive to Terelj National Park, 70km east of Ulaanbaatar city (UB). Terelj NP is popular for its scenic valleys and forested hills, a winding river and groves of trees and wild flowers. After we arrive to our ger (traditional home) camp we will all partake in an opening welcoming ceremony and yoga meditation practice. In the afternoon we will explore the stunning scenery of Terelj NP Turtle rock formation. There will be an optional one-hour horse ride for those interested.

Overnight in a ger camp (B/L/D)
We start the day with our morning yoga and meditation while enjoying Terelj NP’s scenery stunning granite rocky hills surrounding us. In the afternoon we will visit The Aryabal Buddhist meditation centre temple.

Overnight in a ger camp (B/L/D)
After breakfast and yoga we will drive to UB. On the way we will visit the Chinggis khaan statue complex, the world's largest statue of a rider on a horse. There we will practice our yoga and meditation to absorb this historical land and the historical man’s energy. Later in the afternoon we will continue to Ulaanbaatar. This is our goodbye evening together as a group with an evening song and dance performance.

Overnight in Hotel (B/L)
This is a free day. Steppe Yoga can help you organize your shopping visits, museum tours, and taxi ride back to the airport. We hope you loved your time in Mongolia and look forward to seeing you next time!!!

Note: Pre and post tour accommodation and tour arrangements are available.
***Tour itinerary subject to change


Tour group

Between 4-10 people

Tour price

3800 AUD per person
2990 USD per person
2480 EUR per person

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What's Included?

Tour Prices Include:

Transportation to your hotel.
Ulaanbaatar city tour
Daily yoga, pranayama, meditation and interactive workshops
return flight to Ulgii town
Nomadic Eagle hunter’s family visit
Camel transportation
horseback riding excursions
Horse riding guides
Tour assistant guide & tour chief
Camping gear, camping in a tent (SINGLE person tent provided)
2 nights in a 3-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar (twin share)
All accommodation in the countryside (twin or four people share ger)
National Parks/ Museum/ Temples entrance fees
Driver and all ground transportation for the tour
All meals as specified – Meal codes = (B, L, and D): breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Traditional song and dance ensemble performance entry
Small concert in Ulgii town
Visa support documentation (if needed)

Tour Price Does Not Include:

International train and flights
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages, snacks
Shaman Ceremony