Sian Ruixian

I joined Selenge on her Gobi desert trip this year and I will definitely be coming back another time. Selenge is proud to show her country and is truly skilled in co-ordinating the two week journey, which was prepared with real thoughtfulness and attention to all the little things that made the trip special, but also a relaxed and flexible attitude to the realities of moving about in Mongolia, where events are not always predictable. This approach was applied to both the practical needs of travelling long distances in a harsh environment, as well as making the trip a unique and beautiful experience for each individual, whether it be the travellers, the people working with Selenge as drivers and cooks or our host families. Camping in the vast, expansive Gobi desert landscape and Mongolia’s incredible history and culture speak for themselves, but Selenge’s tour is a special pathway into Mongolia that you can’t find anywhere else.

Gobi Desert Tour 2016

Camping in Mongolia

Ian Bett

I am a “frequent flyer” with Selenge. The Gobi desert trip in 2016 was my second time in Mongolia being guided by Selenge after being shown around more northern areas in 2014. I have visited around 70 countries in the world, mostly as an independent traveller but was more than happy to be on board a small organised tour on both occasions, not just because of the convenience of seeing a spectacular and vast country but because of the special way that Selenge puts the trips together and the type of fellow travellers that are attracted to the notion of Steppe Yoga. One need not be a serious or regular yoga practiitioner, just open to it and not looking for a pampered tour or a booze cruise. Having said that, when in Rome….the Mongolians enjoy their vodka. These trips are for intrepid types who are comfortable in isolated natural areas, often with very basic amenities. Selenge is upbeat, warm, knowledgable and lots of fun. She is able to swap effortlessly between communicating with the two Mongolian crew members and the english speaking travellers without ever seeming to run out of energy or enthusiasm. There are many more countries on my bucket list but I feel quite certain that I will be taking another Steppe Yoga tour as much for the people experience as for the great cultural and nature experience. Mongolia has to be seen to be believed, and Selenge is the best person to help you see it.

Northern Mongolia Tour 2014 Gobi & Desert Tour 2016

Alexia Parenzee

I lost my luggage but gained so much perspective, reconnecting to Mother Nature and myself. I already can not wait to go back! I am in love with Mongolia.

Northern Mongolia Tour 2016

Gobi Desert

Harley Dallafiore

A well organized tour , that is also a lot of fun , with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide Selenge.

Northern Mongolia Tour 2016

Loughlin Harrick

I would highly recommend SteppeYoga Tours. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience the beautiful Mongolian country than this. Selenge is really easygoing and being native to Mongolia she knows the country well and can educate you about its rich culture, beautiful people and land. I also learnt yoga which I hadn’t really done before. This trip has really opened my eyes to its benefits. But regardless of whether you are a beginner or you have practised yoga for many years, Selenge will adjust for your level, and you will really get something out of it, and have a wonderful time.We had a small group which made the experience much more personal. Selenge, the cook Jargal and driver Doogi were the backbone of the trip. They worked tirelessly to make sure our experience was unforgettable. I can say that the people I travelled with will be lifelong friends. There was so much packed into this trip. I enjoyed every minute of it and I can’t say what I liked most about it; perhaps taking in the breath taking landscapes, camping in the grassland and feeling so close to nature, climbing and playing in sand dunes, meeting beautiful people, learning about a rich culture unfamiliar to me, or the close bonds I formed with my hosts and fellow travellers. I’m not sure but this trip is a must. I can’t wait to go back to this country. 10/10

Gobi Desert Tour 2016

Aaron Skinner

Travelling with Steppe Yoga was incredible and unlike any travel experience I’ve had before. On our tour we were a small group who quickly became friends. Travelling with our host Selenge didn’t feel like a typical organised tour, it felt like one of your best mates showing you the ins and outs of their beautiful country. Selenge has an incredibly good heart and sense of humour, she and the crew worked tirelessly so that we could enjoy all that Mongolia had to offer. As we made our way across the Gobi desert and back up through central Mongolia, we experienced the many facets and layers of the people, environment and culture. Herding yak on horse back, Camel riding, walking through ancient ruined and active monasteries, walking through epic mountains and sand dunes, learning to play Mongolian checkers from our driver, gazing upon hundreds of animals across a flawless landscape – my list of amazing memories is impossibly long. My trip to Mongolia definitely struck a chord within me, and I don’t think it would’ve been possible without Selenge/Steppe Yoga. 10/10 would go again! (in a heartbeat!)

Gobi Desert Tour 2016

Karen Thomas & Family

I can’t begin to thank you for the absolutely wonderful trip you planned for us when we visited Mongolia.  There were so many things about our experience that were unforgettable, not the least of which was your incredible knowledge of and love for your country and it’s peoples.  We gave you a blank slate and a week to work with.  What we experienced were incredible drives through wilderness areas that had no resemblance to any roads we had ever seen before.  The driver, without the use of GPS, road signs or even roads, managed to get us from one destination to the next simply by using the mountain ranges.  From wild horses to the Naadam festival, spending nights in well maintained Gers out in the wilderness, experiencing and learning about the food culture, being warmed by wood stoves …. Everything is so vivid and memorable.  You made our trip the best and we all highly recommend you for an authentic trip of a lifetime.

July 2010


I was interested doing an independent trip to Mongolia as I am not really a tour person. A friend put me in touch with Selenge, a young Mongolian woman who speaks excellent English and who understands western life after living in Melbourne for several years. Selenge was planning to lead a small group on a two week trip.  I met Selenge shortly after that and quickly realised that her style of trip would suit me. It would be a group trip but without too much structure giving it a different feel to an organised tour. An added bonus was the yoga theme that Selenge planned to add by bringing along a dedicated yoga instructor.  The trip was everything I hoped for plus more. We really experienced the traditional lifestyle that remains widespread in rural Mongolia. We experienced the warm and genuine hospitality of Selenge’s family in the northern regions near Siberia. We witnessed traditional festivals that included dancing, singing, archery, wrestling and theatrical displays by horse-mounted warriors.  The nature and landscape in Mongolia is spectacular, there are no fences once one departs the vicinity of the capitol. There is a widespread sense of freedom enhanced by the fact that the rural people exist in traditional harmony, devoid of a strong sense of land ownership. Selenge’s trip involved camping in tents or staying in traditional “gers”. This combined with the sampling of traditional produce daily and horseback riding offered us a nice insight into the traditional lifestyle that has existed since well before the era of Genghis Khan. Mongolia is a spectacular and open country inhabited by warm and hospitable people. It is very  well experienced in the company and guidance of the outgoing and engaging miss Selenge. Thank you so much! 

Northern Mongolia Tour July 2014

Tania Wellby

I adventured to Mongolia in July 2014, as part of one of the first official tours that Selenge put together and it was perfect! Mongolia was rough, rural and absolutely beautiful! Selenge and her family, whom we were lucky enough to meet, have a wonderful connection to the land, the history and the culture and are so welcoming that we felt right at home, all at once – literally from the first sip of delicious milk tea and bite of cheese curd, not to mention a swig (or five) of home brewed Mongolian vodka! The landscape and the generous spirit of the people is what makes Mongolia so memorable. As a host, Selenge can not be faulted. She is present and engaging and has a wonderful sense of humour and genuinely kind heart. You couldn’t ask for a better guide! Just loose yourself in the wild and vast Mongolian steppe… No doubt you’ll find sometime truly special.

Northern Mongolia Tour 2014

Hae Jung

Thank you so much for organizing my trip. We had a lots of memorable time in Mongolia and i think about my trip to Mongolia so often; I really have to tell you that it changed me in deep ways. I still believe I have never been in a more beautiful place.

August 2010

Sophie Unternahrer

Absolutely stunning and fabulous! I went on a very adventurous horse riding trip with Selenge. She is a great native tour guide and also became a very special friend to me. Would love to do more trips with her in this amazing country.

Horse Riding Tour 2016

Adam Breman

A journey and holiday that will remain with me for the rest of my life. An eternal landscape where the culture and magic of the country is absolutely amazing! Steppe Yoga provided the adventure that I thought was only a fantasy. Thanks Selenge for being a fantastic guide and yoga teacher. Enabling an experience of nature, spirit, amazing sights, animals, hospitality, people, music, language, camping, ghers and fun!

Northern Mongolia Tour 2016