Why Steppe Yoga Mongolian Tours?

Why Steppe Yoga?

10+ years experience in Mongolian tourism

Over the past ten years, Selenge has worked as a tour guide, tour organiser and manager for small and large group tours in Mongolia. Working in Mongolian tourism has given Selenge the opportunity to better understand and appreciate her own country and become well versed in its rich history. Selenge has been working and living in Australia for the past six years, is well accustomed to western culture and speaks fluent English.
Steppe Yoga was started by Selenge in 2014 and is the result of her combined passion for yoga, sustainability, adventure, tourism and a deep love of nature and connecting with people.

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Our Experience
Your experienced and knowledgeable guide is committed to providing excellent service.
Safety and Security
We take the stress out of travel. Our team will make sure your comfort and safety a top priority.
Value for Dollar
A once in a lifetime travel and yoga experience for a fraction of the price of other available options
Your Experience
Embrace ancient culture, practice yoga in nature, enable new connections with your body and mind, make new friends, switch off from your modern day busy life, Relax, have a Fun and Breathe.
It’s our responsibility to look after and respect the Mother Nature no matter where we are. We encourage green travel and promote responsible, sustainable, ethical and culturally-aware travel.
Happy customers
Dozens of happy customers have enjoyed Steppe Yoga unique journeys and claim that it has had a positive impact on their lives.