Yoga In Mongolia

Practicing Yoga in Mongolia

Did you know that Mongolia has no fences? This makes camping and practicing YOGA and MEDITATION in Mongolia a really magical experience. It will have you connecting with the environment and your deeper self, all whilst witnessing Mongolia’s natural beauty and nomadic culture. It is an exhilarating feeling to wake up and open your eyes after yoga and meditation in steppe (unforested plain land). On the horizon you will see nomad ger (traditional dwellings), grazing livestock, women milking cows, and galloping horses.
Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Physical discipline which is yoga asana (postures ) came from nature. Ancient yogis used to go to nature and obserb animals and natures movement, where how all modern they asanas came from.
Yoga is all about discovering and revealing your true self, your true nature, and  engaging in this sacred practice on ancient sacred land surrounded by the most magnificent scenery will surely bring about heightened awareness and a deep feeling of calm.

Across the tour you will be practicing yoga and meditation every day on the breathtaking scenery. Every morning Selenge (Tour Leader and Yoga Instructor) will lead you through slow yet strong vinyasa flow encouraging you to become conscious in your movements, breath and subtle energies. The class focuses on strengthening body and mind in a gentle manner. Once our morning routine nourish our body and mind, you will continue on the journey experience all the other cultural activities such as visiting nomads and reindeer people, hiking around and exploring lakes and volcanos, horse and camel riding, drinking fermented mares milk, eating local dishes, milking cows, playing traditional games, enjoying traditional folklore performances, witnessing shamanic rituals, sleeping in traditional homes(Ger), learning about Mongolian history, camping under the stars, trekking in the vast wilderness and connecting with likeminded people in soulful bonfire nights.

Here is why you should practice yoga in Mongolian steppe;

The benefits of yoga include developing flexibility, strength, stamina, and vitality, working not only the muscles but also joints, internal organs, and connective tissues. Yoga also cleanses and purifies the body of all its stored toxins.
• A double shot of happiness

It is well documented that spending time outdoors boosts serotonin levels and therefore, improves your mood, restores your sense of well being and resets the nervous system. Yoga, as mentioned earlier, provides multiple benefits for the mind and body. When you blend these two natural highs together, it is the ultimate bliss bomb. Just imagine the symphony of birds and sights of lush greenery as you treat your body to the ultimate workout.

• Truly absorb five elements of nature

When you commence your technology and city life detox, the world will slow down and  your will feel your senses wake—scent, sight, and touch, in particular, activate parts of the brain that make you more present. There is nothing more grounding than the feeling of bare feet on the grass. The fresh air will heighten your sense of breath awareness. With each inhalation, you will feel the fresh, clean air replenish you lungs and release feel good endorphins. It is a truly sensual experience.

• Practicing yoga in a new environment can build confidence

Practicing yoga in unfamiliar territory means stepping outside of your comfort zone and there is no better way to boost your confidence than taking on and mastering a new challenge.

• Incredible inversions

Poses such as  downdog,  headhand or handsand feel damn good as they increase blood flow to the brain and provide a new perspective. it is like entering a new dimension.

• Peace & oneness with nature 

Meditating in high vibrational land heightens your awareness. The feeling when you open your eyes after yoga and mediation and take in the wild, pristine nature decorated with nomad ger and livestock on horizon is quite profound

So unroll your mat and begin this Yoga and adventure tour journey...