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Wild Human Yoga Dance

Experience the transformative power of the sacred rage ritual dance. Join us around the Full Moon to release heavy emotions, tap into your Wildwoman/Wildman archetype, and establish a healthy relationship with anger and rage.

About the experience

The Sacred Rage Ritual Dance is an opportunity to connect with your feminine power and release suppressed emotions in a safe and healthy way. The workshop aims to establish a healthy relationship with anger and rage, and empower participants to make positive changes in their lives. By transmuting pent-up energy into passion and power, participants can gain deeper self-knowledge and a stronger sense of self-worth. The facilitator, Selenge, provides guidance, tools, and permission to release these emotions and leave feeling lighter, more empowered, and connected to their inner sacred fire.

What To Expect

During the SACRED RAGE ritual dance, you can expect to:

  • Start with slow primal flow yoga stretches to loosen up your muscles and get your blood flowing.
  • Move into the Sacred rage section where you will be guided to express your Wild Woman/man archetype through dance to powerful music.
  • Feel safe and nurtured in a non-judgmental environment where you can express your true emotions and release pent-up energy.
  • Experience raw, emotional feelings and possibly ecstatic joy.
  • Be part of a supportive community where everything is welcome, and you can come as you are – whether you're tired, angry, or lonely – and shift your energy.


Pay as you feel either by cash or transfer to +61452509926


Here are the guidelines for the SACRED RAGE ritual dance:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good, warm, and light.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Please turn your phone on airplane mode.
  • Do not attend the event if you are sick.
  • Please be punctual and arrive on time.
  • Avoid conversations during the dance and save them for before or after the event.


The event will be held outdoors at Magic Point, located at Maroubra beach. Participants can park at the south end of Maroubra beach and walk towards Magic Point for 10-15 minutes. Contact Selenge at 0452509926 or email for more details.

About Selenge

Selenge is a yoga and meditation teacher who has been teaching for six years, after studying in India, Bali, and Australia. Originally from Mongolia, she believes that becoming a self-healer is the key to living an empowered life. Selenge facilitates powerful transformations for her clients by sharing her proven tools such as yoga, meditation, dance, and coaching. Her Wild Women Yogadance and Sacred Rage ritual aim to empower individuals to become their wild, free, and unapologetically expressive true selves

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What's Included:

Primal flow yoga stretches to loosen up your muscles

Powerful body, mind and spirit altering music

Safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment

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